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? Prague or Berlin: Up to 4-Night Stay with Flights and Option for Tours*

The Experience Travellers can choose to spend up to four days discovering the medieval gems of Prague or exploring the vibrant city of Berlin. The experience can be upgraded with additional excursions – a Vltava River cruise in Prague or a historical cruise in Berlin. After eventful days on the road and unravelling the city’s mysteries, unwind in the conveniently ... Continua a leggere »

Kids Football Long Pyjama Sets

These unisex pyjama sets are made of cotton and feature colourful designs inspired by logos of famous football clubs

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One or Two Electric Pore Cleansing Blemish Vacuums

Designed to reduce blemishes, fine lines and enlarged, oily pores, this electric tool features a stylish rose gold finish

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Anthon Berg Gold Chocolate Box 300g

Featuring an elegant gold-coloured box and a variety of flavours, these chocolates from Anthon Berg can be an ideal gift

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Up to 112 Stella White Teeth Whitening Strips

This easy-to-use whitening teeth strips kit is designed to whiten teeth by six to eight shades during one treatment

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One or Two eSkooter 120W Foldable Electric Scooters with LED Lights With Free Delivery

This electric scooter features a removable seat, height-adjustable handlebars, and an LED light strip; available in a range of colours

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?European Xmas Markets: Up to 4 Nights with Return Flights and Optional Breakfast*

The Experience Indulging in a seasonal escape, visitors will get wrapped in the European market tradition with candles, Christmas trees, and a warm atmosphere. Enveloped in festive spirit and winter cheer, each of the cities that may be visited springs a traditional Christmas market bubbling over with crafts, trinkets, rich mulled wine, carols and parades. The Hotels Centro Hotel Conti ... Continua a leggere »